This exquisitely decorated mask combines the woodworking skills of the Balinese with the batiking skills of the Javenese.

Item 1640
Batik Mask Set
9" x 14"  $150

Item 1677
Batik Mask Set
9" x 14"  $150

Item 1443
Small Mask
7" x 12"  $29

Item 1197
Medium Mask
12" x 20"  $49

Item 1196
Large Mask
11" x 40"  $75




Wall Accents

Indonesia possesses a rich
tradition of carving using an abundant source of tropical
woods. Here, you will find ethnic masks that provide a balance of texture and well as unique wall decor from Bali.

This is an authentic and
refreshing accent in a time
of mass-produced art.