Half Rd Moon Faces

2 Sq Faces Closed

6 Moons





Dragon 1

Eagle Head

Eagle Salmon Goddess


Moon 2 Closed Eyes

Moon Closed Eyes

Moon Closed
Eyes Rim

Oval Face Closed Eyes

Owl Goddess 2

SB20 Aries Ram

SB49 Rose

Snake Small

Snake Large

Square Face Open Eyes

Sun Moon


Sun Moon
23, 35 mm

Rec Faces
20, 30 mm wide

15, 20, 26 mm

Double Moon
13, 18, 23, 35 mm

Sq Face Closed Eyes
13, 16, 19, 25 mm

Winking Moon



Our bone carver, Dewa, never ceases to amaze us with his skills.  He has worked with bone for about 15 years and now also works with tagua nut (vegetable ivory), water buffalo horn, and shell.

Our bone faces are among the highest quality you will find. Ranging in size from 5mm to about 1-1/2” (the limit of the bone), they come in round, oval, square and half round; with open or closed eyes; and in some specialty designs.The material is cow bone, boiled and polished. Some faces are also available in black water buffalo horn, or in amber colored bleached horn. 

When we can get tagua nuts, Dewa carves them into incredible creations, only one or two of each design.

We also have a limited number of cabochons in other designs, although any of our pendants can be ordered as cabs. Special orders do take a fair amount of time so as long as you’re patient, we’re willing to order for you.