Each Village has its
own unique way of decorating
pots, dishes and bowls.

Item 1078
Small Black Vase
5" x 9"  $19

Item 1079
Small Red Vase
5" x 9"  $19

Item 1003
Decorative Bowl
15.5" x 4"  $39

Item 1115
Medium Vase
with Netting
8" x 13"  $35

Item 1116
Small Vase
with Netting
6" x 8"  $24

Item 1159
Platter Set of
Two with Raffia
12.5" x 12.5"  $19

Weavers have developed a variety of patterns for
these basket covered pots.

Item 1355
Brown Bowl w/ Stand
17" x 4"  $75

Item 1356
Black Bowl
with Stand
17" x 4"  $75

Item 1357
Square Footed Bowl Set of Two
8" x 6"  $45

Item 1486
Bowl with
Raffia Edge
12" x 4"  $30

Item 1529
Peace Plate
with Stand
20" x 5"  $85



Earthenware pottery is made throughout Indonesia. The pieces here are from the islands of Lombok and Bali. 

Each island and each village has its own method for creating the pottery, all of it done by hand, but no matter the method the end result is beautiful and functional pottery. Clay from nearby rivers is formed into the desired shape and then low
fired in a fire pit or simple oven, using rice straw or wood fires.

Earthenware does not hold water in temperate climates. If you want to use a piece as a vase or planter, you’ll need to line it to keep the water from penetrating the clay.