Each small animal on the lid is individually made by a young artisan

Longneck Teapot
20 ounces  $44

Dragonfly Teapot
12 ounces  $36

Elephant Teapot
12 ounces  $36

Frog Teapot
12 ounces  $36

Rooster Teapot
12 ounces  $36

Animal shaped teapots are made one by one in wooden molds. Details are enhanced by a young artisan after the mold is removed.

Turtle Teapot
12 ounces  $36

Fish Teapot
20 ounces  $44

TP 113
12 ounces  $36







Our stoneware comes from the island of Bali. Traditional green celadon is created from river clay, dug from river banks near the pottery villages. 

Some shapes are made by hand on a pottery wheel.  Animal shapes are formed in individual wooden molds, using several applications of liquefied clay. Detail is added by hand after the molds are removed. Small animals, flowers, or other decorations are created one by one by the artisans. Hence, each piece will be individual. Rattan is formed into the removable handles on selected pieces.

Stoneware is high fired in gas ovens and glazed with lead free glaze. They will hold liquids and are safe for tea and other beverages.

Teapots are traditional celadon pottery made from local river clay in Pejaten in south central Bali near the famous Tanah Lot Temple (sits on a rock in the ocean). Round pots are thrown on wheel. Each little animal is made by hand – some get “interesting.” Celadon refers only to the green color. I don’t think the other colors have any special name.

Animal shaped pots are made in molds. Liquefied clay is poured in, sets for 15 minutes, excess poured out, and process repeated. I don’t remember how many times. When completed, details are added by hand. All are high fired twice. Glazes are lead free. Yes, FDA occasionally checks. 

Handles are made to match each individual pot. They’re rattan, a prolific vine from the jungles – strong enough to hold a 350 pound orangutan. Rattan actually is a form of palm tree.

Hand washable. Handle can stay on or not. They say they’re microwave and dishwasher safe but I never tell anyone that. I haven’t ever tried them in either to be sure. Certainly the handle would have to come off for a dishwasher.