The Balinese offerings are all handmade with palm leaves and flowers. This large
one graces a wedding. Most are under 6 inches, presented daily at the many shrines throughout Bali, accompanied by incense and prayers to the ancestors and gods

Ketut Leyar (Eat, Pray, Love) a priest and Balian (traditional healer) reads the palm
of a tour member. Traditional healers are numerous in Bali, each with a specialty, but all with a religious base and holistic view.



The sun sets over Bali, as seen from the west coast of Lombok across the Lombok Strait to
the east.

A Balinese bride and groom drink holy
water during their wedding ceremony.  
Note their beautiful clothing. Visitors and their cameras are welcome at Balinese ceremonies, a custom often new to our
tour members

Brilliant bougainvillea and other tropical
flowers are everywhere you look - hibiscus, alamanda, morning glory, marigolds,
frangipani, bird of paradise and more



Meet Budi, your guide for the tours. He's considered to be the premier guide in Bali, with about 25
years of experience.


Join us for two weeks in one of the world’s more unique cultures – the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Our groups are small –about 8-12 people, although larger groups can easily be accommodated. We work with I Wayan Budiasa, - Budi - Bali’s premier guide.

Being a part of one of our groups requires members to be very flexible. Although we set out a schedule, in Bali there is always a ceremony of one type or other – a wedding, a cremation, a tooth filing, a baby ceremony – that we find out about on short notice, sometimes even the day of the event, and out the window goes our schedule so we can give you that unique experience. 

Bali’s culture is the central theme of our tours. You will see temples from the small family shrines to village temples to the famous Tanah Lot, Ulu Watu, and Besakih.  You’ll see offerings made and presented, with explanations of their significance. You’ll see traditional dancing and music, based on Hindu stories and performed for the gods. You’ll experience temple ceremonies and processions, with Budi teaching you about the complexities of what you’re seeing and hearing.

The Balinese are incredible craftspeople. Silversmithing, wood carving, bone carving, kite making, weaving, batik, basket making, beading, leatherwork and more are done with incredible creativity and skill. We will visit some of the artisans, usually in their house compounds, where they will demonstrate their crafts – and of course, give you an opportunity to purchase them at local prices.

We customize our tours to the participants’ interests – within reason of course. For example, if the group has an interest in textiles, we will visit more weaving and batik factories and shops than we might otherwise.

Bali has spectacular scenery – beautiful beaches, amazing rice terraces, waterfalls, mountains . . . which you will see along the way every day. We also give you time off to relax, explore on your own, lay on the beach or whatever refreshes you.

The trip runs approximately $3000 for the two weeks, based on double occupancy. Air fare via EVA Air, is about one third of the cost. Your hotel includes breakfast daily – yes, western style although you can opt for Indonesian breakfast of fried rice. The cost does not include your shopping or shipping your treasures back.

We plan groups for spring or fall. if you have friends and/or family who want to go together, we’ll arrange a tour just for you.

Contact us at for further information or to
sign up for an upcoming tour.