Wayan does the first rough cut on a carving.  Several family members are involved in the various stages of creating a carving.

Item WC111
Expectant Family
7" tall $29

Item WC105
Fat Lady Dancing 5
Small, Med, Large

Item WC109
Fat Lady 1

fat lady 3
Item WC107
Fatlady Dancing 3
Small, Med, Large

Item WC113

Item WC112

Item WC113

Item WC114

Item WC110







The Balinese are known for their wood carving art and skills. Mas in central Bali is the center of wood carving and the home of our two families.

Our main carver, designer, and contact is I Wayan Sumantra.  He literally married the girl next door and we now work with both families. Komang’s family specializes in Buddhas and Wayan’s, in figures of women, including wall décor. Wayan has designed most of the carvings you’ll see here.

A carving is a family project. Men and women alike have a part in producing each piece, from the first rough drawing through the initial carving to the fine details to the final sanding and staining. Consequently you’ll rarely see a piece that is “signed by the artist” because several people would need to sign it.

The Balinese carve in several kinds of wood but the most common is suar (soo war), a straight-grained hard wood related to mahogany. Naturally a blonde wood, most carvings are stained in shades of brown.