These are the people who make this all possible by finding us new products, working directly with artisans, handling payments, and of course, translating.

I Wayan Budiasa not only guides our tours, but sources our lamps, Bali baskets, and pottery.  He also has taught me most (he’d say ALL) I have learned about the very complex Balinese culture.

Ni Kadek Sari sources our purses, works with our bone carver and sources other products. She’s also leading a project to recycle plastic bags into purses.

Husni Hakim is a retired handicraft business owner from Jakarta, now living on Lombok.
He works with the basket and pottery makers, does quality control, and works with us on new designs.  He also coordinates donations to women’s and children’s charities.

Denise Abe is an America married to a Balinese man.  She’s lived in Bali for many years. She’s responsible for my involvement with the East Bali Poverty Project, our main charity.  But most importantly she “translates” culture for me in the context of relationships with my artisans.